Mira (princewicca) wrote in tsubasarc,

Selling some items

I'll be moving out of house soon, so I need to sell as much as possible!!!
Selling packaging material, CLAMP vol 3 and figures

Willing to ship international, payment by paypal (banktransfer accepted for EU-buyers).
Also really open to offers!

Selling each volume for €4 each or €50 for all.

VB Rose clearfile - €8
Tsubasa Chronicle set - according to the instruction, you can use these as a packaging bag (for example a gift or snacks), the set consist of 6 plastic bags, 6 naming stickers (the 6 squares you can see in the picture) and 6 closing stickers - €8
Kuroshitsuji bromide/postcard - €4.50

Make an offer on the figures, I'd prefer not to sell Fai though.

Other than these, I've also got CLAMP vol 3 (that comes with the chess-figures) and an extra mokona white and black. Make offers on these ^_^

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