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Title: Beginnings
Characters: Ashura, Fai
Pairing: Ashura-centric, or Ashura-Fai if you squint hard enough. I meant for it to be KuroFai, but let's see where it goes–well, if it goes.
Rating: PG
Warning: none really.
Summary: A drabble on beginnings.

1. Love

Is the product of a lonely man who yearns for companionship and an immortal king seeking death.

And Love begins
               with a simple, feather light touch.

The boy flinches away at first. He is beaten, bloodied, and bruised and has only ever known the feel of snow-cold dead bodies.

The king sees the wary and wild glimmer in the child’s pale eyes, and although the king can no longer sympathize with the emotion, he knows it is the beginning of love.

The emotion is exact as science.

Next he will feed him warm soup and give him warm clothes.

He will kiss him on the forehead in two weeks.

Tell him to smile in four.

And slowly, quietly, this child’s gentle love will grow from a flickering flame to a roaring fire and save the king from this wretched, eternal cold.

He strokes the boy’s hair with unfeeling hands, and watches indifferently as the boy clutches dearly dearly o his twin’s corpse. Even with one dead the two look indistinguishable, both emaciated, small, and dull.

It wouldn’t have mattered much to him, which one died or which one had stayed alive.

When the boy (the one that still breathes, that is) tells the king that his name is Fai, Ashura smiles.

“Fai?” he echoes. But the word might as well have been nothing–air, tower, time or death death death death death.

“Won’t you live with me?”

The irony is his own little joke.

Death nods, (Death loves him) and Death is a little boy named Yuui who caught his brother’s fading name with shaking fingers and caged it in his heart.

Apologies for general wtf-ery. I'm a little stir-crazy and I need my brain to work.
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