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Tsubasa Day Challenge!

To celebrate 7 years of Tsubasa, Crossed Destinies created Tsubasa Day and it seemed like a fun idea to create a fanfiction/fanart challenge to celebrate! :D

The Challenge: To write fanfiction or draw fanart based on where you come from with the idea of creating a collection of Tsubasa fanworks set around the world

The location doesn't have to be stated if you're uncomfortable with the idea of revealing the country or state you live in and you could always set your entry somewhere completely different though preferably somewhere you've been before! As for ‘where you come from’, you can take this however you want. It could be your home or your home country. The town you live in would be just as acceptable as a famous tourist spot or somewhere really remote.

There aren’t really any limits for this. It can be canon or AU and if you hate where you live then feel free to use your creative licence. You can vary the 'time' of the setting – past, present or future – or write it as complete fantasy inspired by a real location. So long as it’s stated, you can use any pairing and any rating. Don’t even feel limited to fanfiction and fanart, though I’d really commend you if you managed this challenge in any other medium... We’re not going to set word limits either so drabbles are equally as welcome as multi-chapter epics and any sort of fanart is fine too.

So you could have anything really – the group landing in Vegas, Kamui and Fuuma climbing the Matterhorn, android battles in futuristic Tokyo or Sorata and Arashi in Venice if you really want!

Don’t feel under pressure to create a work of brilliance either. This is just a fun challenge and everyone’s free to submit whatever they want. Just enjoy yourself with it! :)

The Conditions:
1. There has to be some sort of reference to the landscape, culture, climate or architecture of your chosen setting otherwise it sort of defeats the point of the challenge.
2. It obviously needs to relate to Tsubasa in some sort of way.

Aaaaaand that's about it for conditions...

The Rules:
Do not include anything potentially offensive: If you’re going to deal with political or historical issues then please be incredibly careful with your message. Don’t take sides and don’t unfairly represent any groups of people, countries or individuals. You’ll probably end up hurting or annoying other people.
Do not include any personal details: This may sound a little stupid but please don’t write in details like street names unless they’re well-known like Times Square or being used to map vaguely where they are in a city. I know we said set it where you live but please don’t pinpoint exactly where you live.
Give due warning: It’s just a matter of courtesy – not everyone’s going to be a fan. Naming pairings and ratings is a must; everything else is optional.

The challenge is open and there is no set deadline though sending your entries in asap would be just wonderful! Since May 21st is Tsubasa day, it'd be best to submit your entries within this month to keep the theme however feel free to use the challenge after this period as well! We’ll also post a collection of entries on the tsubasarc comm either every week or two or after the month is over depending on the number of entries received.

We’re flexible – comment here, email or PM us.
inafrozenworld – evie-tan @ live.co.uk
teh_feeny – dancing-mage @ live.co.uk
Make sure to include your screen-name, medium (i.e. fanfiction, fanart etc), the link to your entry and rating/pairing where appropriate. If you’d like to ask any questions then just use any of the above contact details and we’ll get back to you!

Feel free to pimp this challenge to your heart's content if you know anyone on different communities or sites who may be interested! *cough*pairing comms*cough*ff.net*cough*deviantart We really hope you have fun with the challenge and we'll look forward to seeing your entries :D

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