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Life's Gifts - 1

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Title: Life’s Gifts
Chapter: 1 – Unpredictable News
Series: Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE
Rating: Teen (swearing and older themes)
Pairing: Fai/Kurogane
Genre(s): Mpreg, Drama, Romance
Status: In-progress
Comments/Warnings: Boy x boy content. Don’t like, don’t read! Male pregnancy.
Summary: Fai’s hiding something that could throw the samurai’s life upside down. Too scared to tell him, the wizard must face the consequences to his actions. Will their relationship remain the same after this?
Chapters: ♦One
Disclaimers: I do not own Tsubasa or its characters. They rightfully belong to their owners, CLAMP.

  The blonde wizard stared at the box in his hands. He sighed and wondered if a mechanism such as this from a foreign world would be able to determine the truth. He had acquired it a tad bit before the group had dismantled and part ways. Naturally, with nowhere to go and a newly found relationship, Fai returned to Japan along with Kuro-pii. Anyhow, it was something that bothered Fai quite a lot. Symptoms had started manifesting a few months ago, which stand he’s would be about 3 months in. What in the world would Kuro-pyu think of him then? Mustering up his courage, he opened the package and followed the instructions. Now, he simply had to wait.
  At that same moment, the samurai entered their small home. He put down his sword at the entrance and made his way deeper inside the lodging. With no sight of his precious Fai to be seen, he got alarmed.
  “Fai, where are you?” the darker haired man called out.
  “I’m at the bathroom!” said a voice, muffled from behind a door.
  Shoot, he’s here! Come on, come on work! Yes! The colors started showing up towards a little symbol. An uneasy feeling came over him as he realized what it marked. A clump formed in the pit of his throat and made it impossible to swallow. He checked the box one more to make sure the inscription confirmed what he worst feared.
Yes, yes he was. Fai D. Fluorite, Kurogane’s boyfriend was pregnant. A man wizard was actually carrying a child.
  I knew we were strange and had capacities normal humans didn’t.., but I never imagined this! Now I’m really in deep shit. I didn’t think we needed protection to prevent from such a situation, as we were both male. Suddenly, a wave of nausea hit the frail man. He bolted for the toilet and released the unattractive liquid in the bowl. This wasn’t the first time it had happened either. It usually occurred every morning, just as Kuro-pii left for work. This one would however be sure to alert his companion, who was currently present in the house.
  “Fai, are you alright!?” came his voice, getting closer and closer with each hurried step.
  The door busted open and revealed the massive build of a strong, dark haired man. He quickly came to help Fai out, as he continued to empty his bowels. Once the blond mage was done, Kurogane didn’t seem the least bit impressed. He just stood there, arms folded and awaited for an explanation,
  “Are you alright Fai? I leave for work and this is what happens to you when I’m gone? What have you been doing? I deserve an explanation!” He asked gruffly, but with concern.
  “It’s a long story Kuro-myu. Well you see, I’m not quite exactly what you call normal by human standards.” Fai answered in a sickly voice, trying his best to dance around the subject.
  “Go on wizard, get to the point!”
  “Yes yes, calm down now. I understand your concern, but there’s really nothing to be worried about. I’ve been like this for a few months now.”
  “What do you mean a few months? You’re telling me you’ve been sick all this time and I didn’t know about this? This is why I SHOULD be worried!” Kurogane half-barked out.
  “Well, yeah, that’s pretty much what I’m trying to say. There’s a reason I’m like this. I was unaware of a certain characteristic about wizards.” Let’s just get this over with. “To put this as brief as possible, I can apparantly carry an offspring."
  It took a few seconds for the strongest ninja in the world to understand such a simple sentence.
  “You… you’re telling me, that YOU’RE pregnant!?” He stuttered, shocked.
  It was impossible to read his expression. Fai could not decipher whether he was glad, sad or mad. Kurogane usually kept one expression for everything he did. This was a new one that Fai had never encountered. This was certainly an event he'd only live to see once in his life.
Kurogane shut his eyes and passed his hand messily through his spiky hair. He made a long sigh, making sure that the exhale was as loud as the inhale. Fai started to panic. I should have known! He doesn't want a child, he hates them! Now, he'll get rid of me too!
  The dark haired man noticed the fear that started to take over the wizard. He could clearly read it in his deep blue eyes.
  "Look at me Fai. I'm not sure how you want me to react. I don't even know how I should take this information in. But let me tell you one thing. There's no need to get worked up so soon. I know this isn't what you'd usually hear coming from me but, I love you very much and we're in this together. SO... Don't make me repeat it again." The ninja said, half clenching trough the last part and blushing heavily.
  This confession was all-too much for the emotionally unstable man. The pregnancy hormones kicked in, leaving poor Fai bawling like a baby. He advanced forward and wrapped his arms around his lover's shoulders. Kuro-poo, not used to this sort of behavior, stayed put without knowing how to properly react. As the crying man laid his head on his chest, he mustered his courage and wrapped his own set of arms around the slim man's waist. They stayed several minutes in this position before either of them started to speak again.
  The now calm Fai was the first to do so. "So, you still like me, even if I'm a larger burden in your life?"
  "Yes. I love you and each of your unique magical properties, even the ones you aren't aware of. We'll cherish this child and I'm going to make sure if he's a boy, to turn him into a fine warrior." He replied, trying his best to reassure his lover.
  "But what if the baby's a girl? Will you still love it then?" Fai answered as panic started to manifest itself in his mind.
  Kurogane gave a small smile and ran his large hand in his soft blond hair.
  "Of course I will. It's a part of you, so why shouldn't I love it? If that's the case, she'll be our little spoiled princess. We'll make sure she has the best education, but most importantly, loving parents."
  That hit home for the slim mage. I will never treat my offspring like the way I've been tortured. Nothing that horrid will ever befall it. I will do everything in my power to prevent that. This applied, even if the baby would end up being a pair of twins. I'll just cherish them together, equally. The wizard nodded and got out of the embrace. His emotions had stabilized and he was able to return to normal.
  "I'm really glad you think this way, Kuro-pyu. I was dearly afraid of losing someone else who was close to me. I was so terribly afraid. But from now own, I'll try my best to stay strong and pull through this successfully." Fai said, colors returning to his face red from crying.
  "Good. Now, may I ask a few questions? I want honest and straight-forward answers too. No more of this foolish subject evasion." The warrior replied, his usual frown present yet again on his facial features.
  That was the face he knew, the true one Fai had fallen for, almost immediately prior to their first meeting. Fai nodded and made his way to their small living room. He sat down on the blue plush sofa and patted the unoccupied spot on his right. Kurogane joined him and folded his arms.
  "So, how exactly does this work? I understand you're a wizard and all, but weren't you aware that such a situation could take place?"
  "Sort of. I had heard a few legends that powerful male wizards could bear children of their own. I thought it was something they had acquired through a spell or incantation. I originally believed it was something they had wanted and worked for in a way or other. I guess with me being a twin and owning magical abilities that never stop growing; an event of the sort was bound to happen. That's exactly why I didn't bother mention anything of the sort in the first place. It had never even crossed my own mind. I'm seriously sorry Kuro-myu. But look at the bright side, you'll truly be 'daddy' from now own" Fai answered, his usually happy-go-lucky personality returning.
  The damned wizard's right! I thought we were over that dumb joke. But no, it's obviously back to haunt me. Boy that man never ceases to amaze me... In every way possible, that is! Kurogane shivered at such a thought. But of course, it was very small, as he didn't want the blond mage to notice. He was full enough of himself to start; he didn't need something else to annoy him with. He had to remain calm and as collected as possible. He would never on his life show a weakness for his partner to attack him with.
  Grumbling, Kurogane proceeded to ask "How far along are you anyway? I hadn't noticed anything until your episode this morning."
  "About 3 months. I'll probably start seeing changes later this month. However, I'm not certain, as women rules might not all apply to me. That is, I'm wondering how it'll come out once it's ready." The blond man said half-mockingly.
  "You're already that late!? What in the world will I ever do with you, you damned wizard! Yeah, that's another thing. But, it's not my current main concern. I think we better go get more information on this matter."
  "I agree whole-heartily 'daddy'. I know just the person for situations such as these!" Fai replied with his trademark huge grin.
Shit! This can only mean one thing...
So, how was it? I'm planning to post the next chapter sometimes in the next few days.
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